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Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine Review of Red Scarf Equestrian Bags

The Creations of Red Scarf Equestrian For years companies like Gucci have taken their inspiration from the equine classics and created some artful collections. It would seem that the tides are turning and the equestrian community is sprouting some of its own designers that are shaking up not only the qualityof products in horse circles, but promoting product that has a dual purpose both in and outside of the world of horses. Red Scarf Equestrian was created by Joanna Wiseberg, a newcomer to the equine industry, who designed this line of luggage exclusive to the equine consumer. Not so surprising, it is quickly finding its way into the mainstream due to the careful thought put into a top notch product. Joanna...

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Review by GaitPost Magazine

LUXURY IS IN THE BAG Red Scarf Equestrian introduces Equestrian Luggage — an exciting new line including these uniquely styled boot bags. Riders seem to be traveling more and more these days. In this issue of GaitPost alone we have news of riders travelling to Hong Kong, Italy, Invitational competitions, local clinics and various horse shows. So, here is a timely review on an item from the new luggage line of the Canadian company, Red Scarf Equestrian — a luxury boot bag from Red Scarf’s Pro Rider line. The Pro Rider collection offers the equestrian industry’s largest variety of bags, from purses to large duffel and garment bags. Red Scarf states on their website that the boot bag is their best...

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Passion behind the Fashion at Red Scarf Equestrian

The following Elite Boot Bag product review appeared in Toronto Cadora's "Track Right" newsletter.  Colours, texture, quality – these are the hallmarks of the latest in a line of equestrian luggage being launched by new kid on the equi-business block – Red Scarf Equestrian. The brain child of Joanna Wiseberg, a relative newcomer to equestrian sport, Red ScarfEquestrian was created to meet a need Joanna perceived while hunting for something to carry her gear around in. “I just couldn’t find anything I liked,” she explains. “Bags were too big; too many pockets; poorly constructed and, for the most part, unattractive. So I decided to create something beautiful and functional for myself and, ultimately the dedicated equestrian.” Taking advantage of her...

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