Passion behind the Fashion at Red Scarf Equestrian

The following Elite Boot Bag product review appeared in Toronto Cadora's "Track Right" newsletter. 

Colours, texture, quality – these are the hallmarks of the latest in a line of equestrian luggage being launched by new kid on the equi-business block – Red Scarf Equestrian.

The brain child of Joanna Wiseberg, a relative newcomer to equestrian sport, Red Scarf
Equestrian was created to meet a need Joanna perceived while hunting for something to carry her gear around in.

“I just couldn’t find anything I liked,” she explains. “Bags were too big; too many pockets; poorly constructed and, for the most part, unattractive. So I decided to create something beautiful and functional for myself and, ultimately the dedicated equestrian.”

Taking advantage of her many years of experience as a designer of accessories, including
three years at Ryerson where she studied textiles, Joanna set about designing boot bags, two sizes of duffel bag, garment bags, two sizes of tote and a knapsack. As well, using her connections in garment manufacturing, she began her hunt for top notch fabrics/textiles, leathers and all the accoutrements that would enable her to produce the scope and quality of luggage she had in mind.

“It’s been a real challenge getting this off the ground,” Joanna acknowledges, “because
everywhere I turned there were people saying it couldn’t be done and giving me all the reasons why. But I just kept on researching til I found what I wanted.”

European style and simplicity

The finished product reflects Joanna’s love for European style and simplicity. Each item is designed to withstand rugged use and last for years, with high quality leather and fabric,
heavy-duty zippers, tough stitching, washable vinyl bag linings, leather trim and superior workmanship.

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