Irish Wool Aran Sweaters and Knitwear for Women
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Irish Wool Sweaters Aran Sweaters for Women Buy Online at Red Scarf Equestrian Canada

Irish Wool Aran Sweaters and Knitwear for Women

This exquisite range of Irish Aran Craft wool sweaters and knitwear is handmade using a variety of different merino wools; Super Soft, Soft and Regular. All are extremely soft, luxurious to the touch and feel astounding when worn. Plus they provide optimum comfort and coziness - cuddling is a MUST when you wear any piece from our collection! These are particularly warm and fashionable for those chilly fall and winter days.

This range of knitwear has been redesigned to create the perfect flattering fit on every woman by combining two colours to create a 3D Plated Effect.

Every style is unique with the variety of traditional Irish knit patterns, each piece has it's own story to tell. From representing wealth and success, to the history of a family - they all are truly special. We ensure that ALL of our pieces are closely inspected and authenticated.