RSE Signature Bags

When Gianna (Joanna,) RSE’s Founder, began horse-back riding, she was hard pressed to find the perfect boot bag for herself personally, she decided to design one: 

"The signature piece is still and will always be the red cherry leather boot bag which is how [Red Scarf Equestrian] was started." The lines are elegant, uncluttered and travel well. They, in the end, represent much of what Joanna has come to believe in: Quality, Beauty and Function.   

Beyond the pillars of fashion and family, Gianna’s sense of herself as an Italian, she would tell you, is embedded in the feeling that she gets when she is in the company of other Italians. She is sensitive to what Italians strive for, to what makes them happy. And what makes them happy Gianna finds, makes her happy too: honesty, integrity, hard work and taking care of your family are paramount. “I live with this Italian.... value system every day. It’s part of my DNA.”