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Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine Review of Red Scarf Equestrian Bags

  • By Joanna Wiseberg

Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine Review of Red Scarf Equestrian Bags

The Creations of Red Scarf Equestrian

For years companies like Gucci have taken their inspiration from the equine classics and created some artful collections. It would seem that the tides are turning and the equestrian community is sprouting some of its own designers that are shaking up not only the quality
of products in horse circles, but promoting product that has a dual purpose both in and outside of the world of horses.

Red Scarf Equestrian was created by Joanna Wiseberg, a newcomer to the equine industry, who designed this line of luggage exclusive to the equine consumer. Not so surprising, it is quickly finding its way into the mainstream due to the careful thought put into a top notch product. Joanna saw the need for a line of luggage to carry ones boots etc. "I just got tired of seeing girls with $1,200.00 boots in Dominion bags" she stated.

Her extensive experience as a designer of accessories created the determination needed for Joanna to keep going when others dismissed the idea and attempted to discourage her. Being in the garment industry for years gave her an excellent foundation, and she utilized this experience as she began her search for the textiles that would be both functional and practical, while maintaining quality that both she and the riders would

The Red Scarf line that Joanna designed clearly shows her love for European style, with its classic lines, that is so well loved by equestrians. As with many designers, she purposely added a splash of color (hence the namesake of the line), to the luggage, without promoting it as a "seasonal" product. One of the primary goals of Red Scarf is that the product would stand the test of time.

Personally I can't think of a greater test market for the wear and tear on luggage than equestrians who so readily use their productThe line was created into four
seperate collections:

(1) Elite is a boot bag and city tote in top grain leather that comes available in both Chocolate Brown and Cheer Red. This product has duty zippers and tough stitching for durability.

(2) Pro Rider, (the best selling product in the line) is a boot bag as well as city tote. Designed to withstand rugged use for years, this bag features tough stitching along the zippers, is washable, and has extensive leather trim and handles.

(3) Wildside is for the funky adult with its high quality knapsack and attachable boot bag.

(4) The Classic Collection features elegant equestrian tapestries and is available as a garment bag, a small duffel, large duffel, large zip bottom duffel, small tote and large tote.

This well thought out luggage will command a price tag only those serious about owning designer quality will want to pay, but in a world that is tiring of cheap product that needs replacing or repair every couple of years, this line is truly refreshing. The prices range
from $149.00 (for the Wildside boot bag) to $549.00 for the Elite top-grain leather double lined tote.

Made in Canada and created to last, this functional collection can be purchased through the website or by appointment. To find out which retailers in Canada or the U.S. carry
Red Scarf products see their website

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