Lying Fox

By Red Scarf Equestrian


The Lifelike Lying Red Fox Stuffed Animal is a visually stunning and carefully designed stuffed animal that will last a lifetime. The intricate care put into creating this lifelike lying stuffed red fox is only a fraction of the loving care that it will receive from its fortunate new owner. Highly specific characteristics of a real red fox come to life in this stuffed animal with remarkable accuracy. Detailed markings create an unmatched realism and soulful eyes bring the lifelike red fox stuffed animal to life. This exceptional level of quality and care ensures that each lifelike stuffed red fox is truly unique. The Lifelike Lying Red Fox Stuffed Animal is an unforgettable gift for avid nature lovers, animal lovers, and collectors. Children are certain to learn about nature while having loads of fun with this lifelike lying red fox stuffed animal.

Measurements: 15 in L x 5 in W x 8 in H

Hand sculpted w/ hand finished face

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