Red Scarf Equestrian and DaysAtDunrovin are excited about their new partnership.

In 1998 Dunrovin Ranch owner SuzAnne Miller and her family returned to Montana from Alaska to set up housekeeping on some acreage in Lolo and care for her aging parents. After their deaths, she decided to follow her passion for people, animals, and education and open a small guest ranch. She named the ranch Dunrovin in honour of her great grand-mother’s Montana cabin by the same name.

Dunrovin Ranch

From the beginning in 2006, Dunrovin Ranch has been unlike other guest ranches. SuzAnne carefully partners people with horses in a relationship; she then teaches them to handle the horses with care and recognize them as sentient beings with emotions and personalities.

Natural history and cultural education are incorporated in nearly all ranch activities. Expedition guests are, for example, asked to read books before arriving so that they could meet and discuss them with their authors and learn about the West. Dunrovin offers trips to ride with a “mountain man” historian along the Lewis and Clark Trail or to accompany an astronomer to a forest lookout to spend the night studying the Milky Way. Summer camps for kids and adults alike include such unusual activities as painting and dancing with horses.

In 2011, scientists from the University of Montana installed a web camera above the ospreys’ nest located on their property. The scientists wanted to use the nest in a research project entitled Project Osprey. In 2012, Cornell University added the Dunrovin Ranch osprey web camera to their All About Birds website, which brought hundreds of thousands of viewers to watch the nest and, incidentally, the ranch activities taking place behind it. When SuzAnne went to disconnect the web camera at the end of the 2012 osprey breeding season, she received scores of emails, letters, and phone calls from people asking her to keep the camera on so they could watch the happenings on the ranch. as a cyber front porch for internet viewers from across the world is expanding in an effort to help people find solace in nature, in the wilderness, in arts and among people of generous heart by means of a virtual presence often in real time. Red Scarf Equestrian believes in these same values and goals and is excited to partner with DaysAtDunrovin.

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