Dunoon Mugs - Wessex Designer Dogs Chihuahuas

By Red Scarf Equestrian


Dunoon Mug: Chihuahua & Pomeranians

Artist: Richard Partis

This mug is the ideal gift for people who love this adorable little breed! If you can’t resist the adorable nature of a miniature Chihuahua and the fluffy coat of a Pomeranian then you’ll love this ‘Designer Dogs’ fine bone china mug from Dunoon Mugs UK. A pure white backdrop is delicately illustrated with a multitude of mischievous looking Chihuahua & Pomeranian dogs, each varying in age and size from new-born puppy to full grown adult. A continuation of this design is firstly found on the interior rim of the mug, of which features an innocent, long haired puppy against the pure white interior and secondly along the handle of the mug, featuring a front on portrait of an proud looking dog. This mug would make a practical gift to both dog and tea lovers alike!

The lovely decoration follows through on the handle and on the inside of the mug making Dunoon mugs truly special. Detail at its finest.

Made in the UK. 

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