TREND WATCH / Spoga Horse 2018

We are delighted to share the hottest trends spotted at the Spoga Horse Spring 2018 show! This bi-annual show is one of the world's largest trade shows for the Equestrian industry. Evidently, it takes place in Europe, the heart of all things fashion!


I’ll preface this post briefly with two words: Effortless Elegance. Europeans have a knack for always looking polished and stunning! Whether they’re sporting something casual or headed to enjoy some festivities, they barely bat an eye at the thought of dressing well. They simply know how to buy quality, colour, textures and all the other right pieces from the very start! From accessories to apparel, a pair of socks to a tie, a handbag to a pair of earrings, even down to the strap of an Apple watch to match their wallet - It all makes perfect sense and coordinates effortlessly! For them, all the right pieces are readily available at any given moment, so they always look well dressed.    



In all the right places. As if we didn’t know this already, Europeans are keen for anything that sheens! They will add any type of bling to their creations from little trails of diamante trim, to stunning bling motifs to anything imaginable; saddle pads, fly masks, sleeve cuffs - even on snap closures! Nothing garish, all elegant and precise details that fascinate and delight!


Equestrian Fashion Trends SPOGA 2018 Germany Red Scarf Equestrian2. COLOURS

Bordeaux: a shade of deep red wine with rich purple undertones.

Dulce de Lèche: a perfect name for a perfect colour of rich caramel, finished with an orange undertone. 

This colour reflects and brings out the most flattering gold tones to the complexion and leaves you with that sun-kissed glow we all want.

Last but not least, Deep Navy: the deepest navy that’s borderline black but as soon as any glimpse of light is visible, you can see stunning reflective hints of a rich blue flowing throughout. In the sunlight, it simply looks outstanding!



    Europeans aren’t afraid of combining velvet with satins and trimming it with spectacular piping, embroidered to perfection. We saw the most stunning horse coolers in the richest cotton velvets. Not only was the fabric luxurious but also the shade of light milk chocolate paired with a vibrant peacock teal finished with a satin metallic white and deep chocolate cording. Stop and visualize that for a moment…a cooler fit for a King!



      Following on the Texture Mix, we observed some semi-opaque vinyl for raincoats (mind-boggling, I know)… I, for one, thought you’d start looking like a tourist in Niagara Falls, but it’s surprisingly very flattering. It’s one of those sleeper pieces you won’t be able to live without! Next up were luxurious and the softest satins, velvets, lace, and mesh! I was skeptical about lace and mesh, considering the uncomfortable and scratchy reputation it has. However, the ones found in Europe were jaw-dropping soft. They pair these textiles with technical fabrics to make you feel comfortable and look luxurious. The result is a flattering and sexy look for both Rider or for Equestrian Streetwear.


        Equestrian Fashion Trends Jacket Colours SPOGA Horse Red Scarf Equestrian5. SHARP CONTRASTS AND ASYMMETRY IN DESIGN

        If you’ve seen our videos, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

        From solid coloured breeches with intricate cut full seats in contrasting colours, elegant show shirts with an asymmetrical cut, accenting with stunning mesh or lace detail and show jackets with a group of beautifully cut pleats on the back.

        Once again, designs to flatter.

          We were ecstatic to see all the fabulous trends! Each booth offered their own unique perspective on the harmonious looks that their collection achieves for the Horse and Rider, both in and out of the arena. We’re looking forward to showing you the products as they arrive at our store. Indulge and treat yourself to incredible quality and luxury at an affordable price.

          You deserve it!



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