Fashion Trends on the Horizon for 2019

As some of you may remember, Red Scarf Equestrian attended the Spoga Horse Expo in February 2018. Upon our team’s return to Canada from gorgeous Cologne, Germany, we gave our readers the inside scoop on trends you could expect to be seeing in Equestrian Fashion for the year. Now that the new year is just two months away, here’s what we can tell you so far about what to expect for 2019…

Effortlessly Elegant...

Europeans have a knack for always looking polished and stunning! Whether they’re sporting something casual or headed to enjoy some festivities, they always dress well. They simply know how to buy: quality, colour, textures and all the other right pieces from the very start! From accessories to apparel, a pair of socks to a tie, a handbag to a pair of earrings, even down to the strap of an Apple Watch to match their wallet - it all makes perfect sense and coordinates effortlessly! For Europeans, all the right pieces are readily available at any given moment, so they always look well dressed.

Keep an eye out for:

1. Lively Hues

Sporting a cheerful yellow or a fiery red coat in the dead of winter may sound intimidating to some. To others it may be just what you’ve been yearning for… The colours in-store for the next collection of the BLÆST Rainwear are so exciting! BLÆST Rainwear exhibits an exquisite line of raincoats designed specifically for women, with countless flattering features in each design. Imported all the way from Norway, Red Scarf Equestrian is one of the few handfuls of shops to be offering this brand in Canada.

The BLÆST Rainwear collection for Spring/Summer 2019 showcases vibrant pops pastel hues from a sophisticated, retro colour palette, reminding us of those retro 50s diners and vintage postcards. From Tiffany blue to sun-gold yellow, all these new colours have us longing for April showers so we can break out our raincoats!

But if lively hues in winter are not, in fact, your cup of tea, don’t fret - we’ve got some dashing shades of navy, grey, and off-black - paired with the modern cuts, simple designs. The Norwegian’s three-layer, lightweight, technical all-weather resistant fabric is finished with seam-sealed edges. The innovation and technology that goes into the creation of these coats is simply intriguing. If you’re thinking of spicing up your wardrobe just a tad, some styles are accented with a little splash of subtle colour. We can without a doubt say that this new range of outerwear will leave you looking effortlessly put together, stylish, and sleek while walking the streets next year!

2. Lace is not just for occasions.

Last year we noticed a variety of textiles inviting our attention: from shiny satin finishes to luxurious velvets. The showstopper for us was definitely the European designers’ take on lace, as they incorporate lace in day-to-day wear, in business casual, semi-formal, even in shirts for riding. All we can tell you is the designs were simply stunning. We couldn’t figure out how the designers were going to surpass the designs from previous years, with the bar so high, but they’ve done it! 

Pairing lace on a show jacket is one example, not too obvious, yet still eye-catching. Placed delicately along the waistline of the jacket, collar, along the cuffs of your show shirt, or even vertically trailing down the center of your chest - these shirts are flattering and feminine! Branching out from your typical white show shirt or that black business casual long sleeve you’ve been wearing out - the designers aren’t afraid to introduce sexy new designs that work for everyday life.

3. Traditional Textiles with a Twist

One of our best-selling items is our Tradition Irish Sweater. Handmade in Ireland using the finest Merino Wool, anyone who owns one of these sweaters will cherish it for years. This year we are adding a new range of Irish Knitwear, “Irelands Eye”. Still Handmade in Ireland, this new range features a refined weave, paired with modern pastel hues. With a selection ranging from Coatigans to V-neck Sweaters, everyone who loves Irish Knitwear can love it even more with these every day pieces!

Red Scarf Equestrian is ecstatic to see all the fabulous trends that await us in 2019! For each collection that we have previewed so far for the following year, the designer offers his or her own unique perspective on the harmonious looks that their collection achieves for the Horse and Rider, both in and out of the arena. We’re looking forward to showing you the products as they arrive at our store! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of fall and welcome winter as it approaches. Indulge and treat yourself to some incredible quality and luxury by perusing our pick of fine products. Take a moment and browse what we will be getting in next season. You may even pre-order if you wish.




Marina has been riding for ten years and counting, training in various disciplines - focusing primarily on Showjumping.  Meanwhile, she enjoys studying Equine Behaviours and Natural Horsemanship, while practicing Trick Training and Liberty Horsemanship with her horses. When she’s not working, chances are Marina’s spending her time at the barn or with her pets!


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