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There's just something about that horse!

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There's just something about that horse!

Horses are a journey that sometimes just don’t make sense!

After I had to put my last horse down, I promised myself I’d wait at least six months before I started looking for another horse to see if I really did want to continue riding, as how could I ever replace my once in a lifetime partner who had taught me so much in the world of Dressage?

Of course I couldn’t help myself and before too long I was flipping through all the online horse sales and happened to come across Neptuno Cen (Oso).  On paper none of it made sense – he was big, over 17 hands, and barely started on his training, but there was just something about that horse.

Two weeks later I was on a plane to Florida and there I was, standing in a stall looking up, way, way up at one of the biggest horses I’d seen -this jet black PRE horse was stunning!  As I gazed up at him I thought to myself that there was absolutely no way I could do this, but having come all the way to Florida, I had to at least try him out, so I did get on to ride the next few days - he was such a gentle giant and a very old soul.

I made the decision, against my better judgment, that I was going to bring him home to Canada.  The poor boy had been shipped from Spain, lived in Nashville, then had a brief stint in Florida until he was moved to what would hopefully be his forever home.

Little did I know at that point what I was in for.  A month after he arrived, Oso morphed before my very eyes from the extremely quiet, gentle giant to a very athletic, spooky horse – I guess the warmer climes of Florida tempered him and the cold winters of Ontario lit a fire under him – at every sight and sound there was a spook, spin and bolt – what had I gotten myself into?????  Every logical part of my brain was telling me to send him back to Florida - this was not the horse for me - but again, there was just something about that horse.

A year and a half later after much patience, perseverance, playing around with nutrition, turnout with a couple of older boys and an incredibly fearless and awesome rider/coach (yes Lisa Pascoe, that’s you!), this boy has finally turned around.  He always was a Labrador puppy on the ground, but now he’s a sweet, well-behaved (most of the time), rideable horse.  Every time I go to the barn and hear him nicker, my heart soars - he has seen me through some very tough times.

Oso has captured my heart and I still say, “there’s just something about that horse”.  Maybe it was building trust, maybe it was time, and maybe he finally said “there’s just something about that Girl”.


Executive Director and Head, Client Strategy, Global Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets

Carol Faulkner is the Executive Director and Head of Client Strategy, Global Investment Banking at CIBC Capital Markets.  She is responsible for all marketing activities, conferences and events, sponsorships and donations, as well as initiatives that focus on supporting CIBC Capital Market’s corporate client relationships.

Carol joined CIBC in 2001 and held progressively senior roles in the areas of Events and Sponsorship, Business Management and Client and Corporate Initiatives.  Prior to joining CIBC, Carol held various positions at CTV/Baton Broadcasting in programming and as Director of Marketing.  Prior to that, she produced theatre for a Canadian Theatre Company across Canada.

Carol is actively involved in a variety of charitable endeavours and has sat on numerous boards and committees.  In addition to her lifelong passion for horses, she is an active tennis player, follower of yoga and pilates, and a gourmet food lover!


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