The Incredible Journey of Life Changing Moments

by RSE Guest Blogger: Samantha King

12 years ago my life changed.  I mean it really changed. We all know that change is scary, but often that change is for the better and causes you to reevaluate what is important to you.  I was scared, not knowing what the future would hold, but I did know that I am a strong, independent, motivated woman who had enough passion to do more than just survive.

"Not a care in the world or a worry about the future."

So I guess I should fill you on what happened.  This is not a unique story, many women have experienced this and many more will.  In January 2006 I was coming off a very bad break up with a man I thought I was in love with.  After a few months of recovery I dated someone who I considered a rebound boyfriend and didn’t see any future with him.  We were having fun, keeping things light and enjoying an adult lifestyle.  I was also in my 25th year of teaching riding.  At this time in my career I was teaching full time at the iconic Sunnybrook Stables (yes, the one that recently burned down in Toronto) and loving the work, students and horses there.  Not a care in the world or a worry about the future.

"I needed a career change."

By the end of December 2006 I was single, approaching 40, with a very new born child, my dog and wondering what was next for me.  Now I needed to be concerned about the future for me and my child.  Teaching riding is typically the busiest on evenings and weekends.  As a single parent with only one family member in Toronto I knew that wouldn’t work for my new life situation. I needed a career change.  I needed a 9am to 5pm regular job with benefits. 

"The one thing that remained constant in my life was horses." 

12 years later I achieved all of that.  I had a lot of support and encouragement from friends and family along the way and for that I am very grateful.  The one thing that remained constant in my life was horses.   Even though I wasn’t full time in the industry I still managed to get to my friends farm and get my kidlet addicted to horses at an early age.

Here she is at 2 months old on one of my old school masters, Boomer, that my friend and former client adopted from me.

Samantha King's daughter Katie on the schoolhorse Boomer - Red Scarf Equestrian

Almost 12 years later this is what she looks like now.

Samantha King's daughter Katie on Tinker - Jokers Hill Horse Shows - Red Scarf Equestrian Canada

Here she is patting Tinker (Quick Step N Time) at the end of an over fences round competing in the Short Stirrup Division at Joker’s Hill Trillium Central East. (I love how she is airborne here, not a hoof on the ground!!)

It has been an incredible journey to get to this point.  Horses have been so important for my daughter and I in terms of our mental, emotional and physical health.  Without them in our lives I am sure we both would have not managed the challenges of our journey so well. 

I will tell you more about that in my next blog!

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Nadya Brown Riding Side Saddle - Red Scarf Equestrian CanadaI'm a Customer Relationship Manager at Food for Tots, Sometimes Riding Instructor at various stables in the GTA (whoever will have me) and a Single Mum of a Riding Daughter. Pack members include Rudy and Tucker.

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