Red Scarf Equestrian Sip & Shop Event

You're Cordially Invited... 

As the door to the Red Scarf Equestrian Lifestyle boutique store closes behind you, you find yourself surrounded by many beautiful items all chosen to enrich your life and the embracement of an equestrian lifestyle. Joanna Wiseberg, the purveyor, quickly notices you and smiles warmly to welcome you into this world devoted to all things equestrian. 

Joanna has always tried to live where beauty and quality coincide in a carefully crafted creation. She has learned, in a career that spans nearly forty years, to quickly and authoritatively identify a quality garment or accessory. To Joanna, quality is the essential ingredient of beauty.

Joanna’s Early Search for Quality and Beauty

It was this pressing desire to find quality and beauty in fashion clothing and accessories that drew Joanna to Ryerson University, from where she graduated in 1978 from its Design Program. Here was the beginning of her journey to understand and master the essence of quality craftsmanship. But her journey to find and define quality and beauty quickly and unequivocally drew her into the association of European dressmakers, couturiers and tailors, from whom she learned to recognize and practice European quality and craftsmanship. 

Joanna’s dedication to learning about quality and beauty soon found expression within her entrepreneurship. She began her own business, Ranucci Designs, therein creating her own label and taking great pleasure in designing her own line of women’s apparel in the Kingsway district of Toronto, a district itself known for an insistence on quality. 

Joanna’s fascination in particular with women’s handbags began, however, in 2008. When Joanna could not find the perfect boot bag for herself personally... she decided to design one: 

“The signature piece is still and will always be the red cherry leather boot bag which is how this company was started along with some frustration and passion. I could not find a boot bag of decent quality and a size to suit my height. I called upon one of my colleagues in the leather industry and after many prototypes the boot bag was created. I was spellbound by my excitement and love for design and textiles and after the boot bag was completed more bags were designed and manufactured. Passion can be a problem!” – Joanna 

Joanna’s insistence on quality and beauty are not confined to her signature piece, the boot bag, but are foundational to her entire enterprise, to everything she does. Quality is the sine quo non [not without which] of beauty. 

The Red Scarf Name

With so much emphasis on the boot bag, one might be forgiven for wondering about the “Red Scarf” in the name. Asked why she choose the name RSEL, Joanna replies: 

I love accessories, especially scarves and I love the colour Red. Scarves are one of those accessories that are never worn the same twice. A scarf can be modified to suit your mood and occasion, dressed up or down. The creative in design for scarves is never ending... as for the colour RED, it’s a powerhouse colour, it has passion and impact, it throws a punch, a WOW!  

The Marriage of Quality and Beauty

Quality and beauty also have a way of throwing a punch, they at times take our breath away.

“Quality and beauty have been, and always will be, my calling card. I simply love beautiful things... One can never go wrong in choosing quality.” 

This is, to be sure, the true essence of Red Scarf Equestrian Lifestyle. It is the recognition and insistence on quality products which endure and retain not only their function but beauty: 

“High quality delivers time and time again ... elegance and timeless design. It becomes your best friend because it makes you feel good. It won’t let you down, like diamonds. They sparkle forever. I want people to sparkle!” – Joanna 

The “Sip & Shop” Details

Come meet Joanna or renew an old acquaintanceship with her. The door to the Red Scarf Equestrian Lifestyle store located at 221 Main Street South, Newmarket, will be open to you for a special gathering to “Sip & Shop” on Saturday, December the 1st, 2018, beginning at 11 am. It will be a chance to relax and enjoy catching up with an old friend and/or making new ones.


Saturday, December the 1st, 2018
From 11 AM to 5 PM at the Red Scarf Equestrian Lifestyle Store
Located on 221 Main Street South, Newmarket, Ontario
Looking to reach out? Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-390-3622 or email us at!



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