Learning to Connect the Horse and Rider - European Style

A serene fantasy turned into a reality for the Red Scarf Equestrian team this February. After a 13-hour trip overseas, to the small city of Cologne, Germany, we were able to attend the Spoga Horse Trade show. What a spectacular experience it has been! This show occurs twice each year during heavy fashion pre-seasons Spring & Fall; February and September.


But what makes a show like this so special, aside from the fact is in Europe? Some people feel that North America has the same kind of experience to offer, so you sometimes don’t see many North Americans making the trek overseas to attend. The reality is that European horse culture is steeped in hundreds of years of tradition, which is starkly different than the Canadian & American culture. As a result, Canada and the USA can’t offer an experience like the one we’ve received here in Germany.


We absolutely LOVE to attend trade shows like this. They offer such a unique experience that you can’t find any other way, no matter where you are in the world, and people most definitely don’t get this kind of experience online! You’re graced with such opportunity; to meet, greet and chat with suppliers. You get to hear their stories; how they became involved with the industry, how their company was born, and the inspiration behind their work.

It’s truly is an experience you don’t get online, or from halfway across the world. You can truly grasp the effort and passion for what they put into their creations. The personalities of vendors, booth designs, creative processes and their end results; it all goes to show which vendors are genuine artists.


The common denominator is how the products are meticulously designed and delivered to the marketplace. One can see how the designs and beautiful colour reflect passion and love for the equine. Bottom line? Rider and Horse are ONE.


It’s an amazing way to become acquainted with the people you work with, and make some new connections throughout the community. Not only are we walking away enlightened and inspired, we’re walking away with memories of a lifetime.

This experience provided us with an incredible new perspective and interesting insight into the European outlook on the Equestrian World. We are delighted to be able to share all the knowledge and perspectives we’ve gained from dozens of people we met at the show, from a variety of different designers & manufacturers worldwide. We can’t wait to give you the inside scoop on the Up and Coming Trends in the Equestrian world this year!

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