It’s all in the name.

Over the years, I always wanted to create an Equestrian-inspired ladies’ shirt collection for every woman who loves the sport. As most of you know, our products are for all those people who simply enjoy the Equestrian sport, whether they ride or not. If you love horses, then you’ll love what we have to offer including our new Made in Canada Ladies’ shirt collection. These shirts do not fit like a bag! They are fitted to flatter and are perfect to be worn casually at the barn, corporate wear or even evening events. They also look lovely accessorized with some bling, which always adds that extra special sparkle!

The easy part was selecting fabric, the silhouette and putting the finishing touches on the shirts. The hard part was naming this collection and I thought it would be a piece of cake...not so! I had a lot of difficulty coming up with a fitting name.

This is where strategic branding enters the picture. This is an important and crucial part of any company’s product strategy because once executed, it’s out there and the bullet is fired.

What would be a fitting name so that Red Scarf Equestrian’s clients understand, appreciate and buy these wonderful shirts?

The collection is divided into 3 separate collections: jewel toned solid colours, gingham, and preppy stripes. All are in a stretch cotton blend, beautifully fitted to create a very attractive silhouette for most body types. We all want to feel good when we wear something fresh and new and that was the whole point of this collection when I was creating it in my head.

The small equestrian icon embroidered on the left chest of each shirt is a very simple passionate statement of who we are and what we love! Selecting thread colours was also a meticulous process.

This collection says: quiet and powerful, just like the women I design for.

Who and/or what word would represent these two adjectives?

My thought process worked something like this...I thought about calling it the Mae West Collection (she was a big buxom cheeky ”bad” girl and snippety…no, we’re not ready for that yet), Marilyn Monroe, (after delving into her past, she was too dark), Audrey Hepburn (a little overdone), Dale Evans (hmmm, maybe next time)...


I changed my thought process and looked in my backyard.

I reflected on the women who visited the booth and those who buy the products online. A common denominator surfaced…they’re sure of themselves. They are decisive, wonderful, and passionate women who understand what they’re all about and know quality when they see it. Age has no barrier. In a word: Iconic. The women who shop at Red Scarf Equestrian are their own celebrity.


Welcome the



November 4th till the 13th at booth #2406
Try on your favourite Quintessential Collection (you won’t want to take it off!) and shop great holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers for all your horse lovers on your Christmas list! 

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