Equestrian Themed Decorations: Home for the Holidays

Red Scarf Equestrian would like to welcome Kathy Russell as our partner for Interior Design. In today’s blog, she gives us some ideas on decorating for the holidays. 


Add an Equestrian Flare to your holiday décor this year!

When I think of the holidays and creating my retreat I always think of warmth and coziness. The feeling you get from a wool throw, a hot drink and just curling up on the couch, perhaps with a good book. What are you thinking about in terms of decorating, with the holiday season approaching us so quickly? 

One thing to consider is the way that equestrian inspired interiors make you feel over the holidays. 

One thing to consider is the way that equestrian inspired interiors make you feel over the holidays. For me, I love the way the horses look deep into your eyes with a soft warmth. I always try to incorporate that feeling of warmth into my design projects.  

Equestrian inspired interiors are timeless. You might think of them as more often adorning farm houses, but they can bring a breath of country warmth into an urban setting too. Another approach would be to consider equestrian chic. It is less perhaps a little less rustic and has a more modern appeal. You might find this more often in a home in town. 

With either emphasis, equestrian themed interiors offer sophistication, elegance, beauty and luxury. 

As an example of incorporating the equestrian theme into a design plan, take a look at the style of Ralph Lauren. This style has equestrian elements and motifs from his fashion line, which then carry over into their interior and fabric lines. They are all very popular. He also adorns the cover of Town & Country Nov 2018 issue, highlighting fifty years as a style dynasty. Wow!

Ralph Lauren on the cover of Town & Country Nov 2018 issue, highlighting fifty years as a style dynasty.

So, when we are ready to start decorating, let’s start with bringing the outdoors in, with lots of Cedar or Douglas fir greenery/garland. Even just the smell of it makes you feel happy and peaceful. Place it on window ledges, along the fireplace, on book-shelves, you can even create a wreath with it. You can also add some red bows, Christmas balls or some cherry blossoms to the wreath.

Now let’s take a trip a tad north (depending on where you’re located) and cut a tree down. Why not make a day of it and enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride and a warm cup of hot chocolate with marsh-mellows?  

Add an element of warmth...

Now when you get the tree home, adorn a faux fur tree skirt. This will help add an element of warmth. Pull out some of your old treasured ornaments and a few new ones, and maybe consider adding some equestrian flare, with some horse shoe tree ornaments too. They say they can even bring you luck. 

Always a key element in design, is lighting. There is nothing more welcoming to your guests than the elegance of warm lighting. Now with all the LED lighting choices out there, light is easy for you to add strings of it through your space. This creates an ambiance for family and friends throughout the holidays.

Lastly, remember, as you create your holiday theme, to remove the regular items that are usually in your space, to allow for your holiday décor. You do not want a cluttered holiday space.   

Wishing you all the joys and safety for the upcoming holiday festivities with family and friends….

If you would like to include Kathy in your holiday decorating plans, please feel free to send a request to info@redscarfequestrian.ca



Kathy Russell enjoys helping her clients create spaces they can “happily call home.” She holds a diploma in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute and is an Accredited Member of Decorators and Designers Association of Canada. You can find her at smallspacedesign.ca.


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