Decorating Ideas to Warm Your Home for the Holidays

Kathy Russell is the Principal Designer and Client Relationship Director for Red Scarf Equestrian. 

2019 Unique Holiday Decorating Ideas for your HomeThe Holidays are a magical time of year. A time of beautiful richness of colour, exquisite smells, tastes and lights. All of these things make for a warm and inviting setting to enjoy occasions with friends and family. It is a special time when rich memories are recalled, and new ones made.

With the lighting festivities happening this past weekend in Collingwood, we thought we would share a few thoughts about Christmas decorations for the season that is quickly coming upon us. 

The decorating trends for 2019 continue the conversation about sustainability and respect for the environment. We need to keep in mind that ideas of conservation and sustainability apply to the Holidays too. Natural and organic products are important in this regard, too, for the interior health of your home. 

In view of this, we encourage the introduction of new materials with natural elements to achieve our Christmas designs. Too, in this same regard we can think about reducing our consumption to support sustainability. Sometimes we are tempted to make things a little crowded. We need to remember that often less is more. Keep it simple, warm and elegant.

The colours you choose go a long way to set just the right mood. My suggestion is to work with three colours. Dark blue, deep green and a hint of purple, for example, bring a warm and cozy element to the holiday festivities. 

Traditional green and raw wood bring nature into your space and is a great choice.  These will never go out of style. Pinecones, fresh branch, twigs and berries are other materials that are natural and worth including. 

Another suggestion is to give a great deal of attention to your tree as it is your focal point. So, I recommend not skimping on lighting for your tree. Instead, I suggest decorating your tree using three colours and including lots and lots of lights. For example, if your tree is 6 feet high, you should have at least 6 strands of white lights. Design secrets (don’t tell!) are to add some large decor onto the tree and stuff lots of greenery branches in the tree to make it look fuller. In this way it can be a bright and happy corner or focal point. 

Vintage ornaments are a huge part of the Christmas tradition. You can also, however, mix in some new ones, to add a fresh twist. Don’t forget to include your classic ornaments, according to their shapes, sizes and craftsmanship. And make sure you make room for a healthy dose of nostalgia in your tree arrangements and decorations. Remembering loved ones and traditions of yesteryear is a key element of the Holidays. It helps us to keep them close in heart and mind.

Once you have your tree set, it is an effective idea to let your tree decorations set the theme for your principal rooms. Having this kind of continuity is pleasing to the eye and brings peace. It has a way of making everything look well-arranged and holistic.

Too, don’t forget smells. Aromas such as those of pine, cinnamon, citrus and eucalyptus can be very pleasing and help to make a homey feel. And nothing seems as homey as the smell of fresh baking done just before your guests return once more to your company.

I really believe people need to slow down at Christmas, stop all the buying and just keep it simple, elegant and traditional. Just my 5 cents.



Kathy Russell enjoys helping her clients create spaces they can “happily call home.” She holds a diploma in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute and is an Accredited Member of Decorators and Designers Association of Canada. You can find her at WWW.DESIGNSMARTINTERIORS.COM.

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