Country Woman: Between Home and Barn

She walks alone among the fields, with her friend,
Not even caring in the moment where she is,
Or how she came to be there,
Great grandmother’s daughter that she is.
Living on this prairie harvest table,
As if a solitary dot at the end of a sentence
That declares its own infinity.

Nor does she mind the wind,
Her hair taken and tossed,
Falling as it will on the shoulders of her denim shirt.
Jeans on and dirty, sleeves rolled up,
Never doubting there is always more to do
Between Home and Barn.

She lights the candle on the windowsill
and goes out into the rain,
to watch the evening’s fall.
Completely and utterly,
As it is with her in love.
Then, almost reluctantly, she turns inward
to read Wordsworth by lamplight.

And she would tell you,
Should it rain after your chores are done,
To watch old movies,
In black and white,
In a room where no one can find you.

And there, sip Camomile tea, yellow and clear,
From leaves picked in sunlight,
On a Sunday afternoon after cool cucumber sandwiches,
In meadows as lovely as the skin of her cheek.
The steam rising lazily skyward in the afternoon light,
Reminding her that she could be sky bound too.

Yet, still here, grounded in muddied, earthbound boots,
She walks fields of Lavender,
Picking bouquets of Chamomile,
Reading between the lines of the poetry of the meadow.

And afterwards,
In the darkness,
submerged beneath red rose petals,
Painfully beautiful,
Home and Barn coalesce into one,
As if two rain drops meeting on her window pane,
the holy receptacle of all that matters.


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Photo Credits in order of appearance:
Woman & Horse by Photo Vanova - CC BY-ND 2.0
Horses in Field by Taylor149CC BY-ND 2.0
"Candle OO6" by Jonathan AssinkCC BY-ND 2.0
"What a Day on the Isle of Fehmarn" by Freddy Fehmarn - CC BY 2.0

Douglas Allen - Red Scarf Equestrian Guest Blogger

Douglas Allen is a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Toronto. His historical studies are of late medieval and Renaissance Europe. He is interested in using the lens of identity to explore and understand history, human motivation and action. Douglas is also a writer who is currently writing a novel set in the City of Winnipeg in the 1980’s, which explores the nature of indigenous and non-indigenous relations.


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