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Animals deserve to be treated justly.

  • By Marina Layton

Animals deserve to be treated justly.

by Marina Layton 

Marina is a bilingual (Fr/En) student finishing up her last year in high school, focusing her studies in Business and Arts programs.  Upon graduation, she looks forward to extending her knowledge of marketing, advertising, and retail management.  

So I stumbled across this amazing video about a week ago [click HERE to view video].  The story starts off like your typical rescue story, but this one got a happy ending. About halfway through, I'm thinking to myself "okay… what’s so different about this story."  You can watch countless rescue videos all day and they all follow a similar storyline, each story unique, but all following a heartbreaking pattern.  But this one had a plot twist.  An actual lawsuit was being filed against the horse’s former abuser who had severely neglected him, but on behalf of the horse!

Animals like Justice should be awarded the justice they deserve.  


Images of Justice via the Animal Legal Defense Fund (


Speaking in the point of view as being an involved member of the equestrian community, I wanted to personally speak out a bit on this video and just say - this lawsuit is amazing.  Being able to fight on behalf of these majestic creatures is truly something amazing and should have been done A LOT sooner!  When I first saw this video, I was immediately touched as any animal-lover is by any rescue story.  But like I said, all rescue story videos seem to follow the same storyline although each animal is a unique case.  But I myself was even more touched because I personally have had horses who’ve also come from bad situations or have had a bad history - and being reminded of the recovery not only my animals, but animals all around the world are able to make, is truly touching.  If you have a rescue horse or any other rescue animals, you know the touching, reminiscent feeling I’m talking about.
My mind became fixated on this story.  I love following law and case stories; but my favourite cases to follow are evidently those in which involve animals, specifically horses.  The fact that these people are fighting on behalf of this horse, to make sure he is financially backed - covered for life financially, it tugs at my heart (in a good way) - It’s an amazing mission these people are onto!  Money always has been and always will be one of the worlds biggest problems in this time, and it just breaks my heart knowing so many horses and other animals actually have to suffer and worry about whether or not they’ll eat or drink that day, wondering if they’ll wake up breathing the tomorrow...  Sometimes this is due to straight up bad owners (who may have loads of money), but sometimes it is also due to the fact that people adore their companions but they cannot support them.  Nonetheless, no horse [or other animals] should have to worry about the problems man has cause for them.

Justice the horse, front, shares a pasture in Estacada, Oregon with three other rescue horses: Lincoln, Badger, and Flick. (Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post)

Yesterday is the past, Tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift - that’s why it’s called the present.

Every day truly is a gift, but for animals suffering across the globe and for horses like Justice - it doesn’t feel like a ‘present’.  Being able to financially back up these creatures wouldn't solve the cruel behaviour of mankind, but it would open up so many doors for not only the animals but the people who take them on too.  More rescues would be financially able to start up, more people would be willing and able to take on these horses, and no matter where the horse would end up - they’d never have to worry if the next breath they took would be their last.  What a present that’d be! 

Learn more about Justice's case here!

Following this case made me want to become more actively involved and recognize some of my favourite Rescues.  In honour of such, I am very excited to be supporting Christina Hannan, and both her organization & business; Triple Dream Farm and Reins for Rescues, with this blog post.  My goal is to raise awareness and educate the public further on rescues, as they are detrimental to our community!  So meet Christina Hannan and learn more about her objectives...

Christina Hannan, the founder of “Triple Dream Farm” and “Reins for Rescues” writes the following about her efforts to rescue horses.

I started Reins for Rescues 4 years ago, when I was about to have back surgery due to a serious riding accident, but my passion for rescuing horses first started rescuing horses, at age 17. I was simply taking on one horse in at a time, rehabbing and then adopting them out to perfect homes. So I started this company as a way to generate proceeds to fund my rescue, Triple Dream Farm!

Some of the horses at Triple Dream Farm, enjoying a leisurely afternoon on the 100 Acre Property.


Over the past four years, Reins for Rescues has taken off tremendously which has been a blessing, and we were even able to recently move to a 100-acre farm in Northern Pennsylvania, where we now have 12 rescues! Since starting Reins for Rescues, all those proceeds have been able to help over 26 horses - with the most recent rescue coming to us just 2 weeks ago, a mare named Harmony! My goal for Reins for Rescues is to rescue and support as many horses as we can, using proceeds from the business. Right now RFR supports about 40%-50% of my rescue program -Triple Dream Farm.  The rest comes from me!  But as a goal for the business, I do hope to one day take RFR to the NFR.
As of right now, I am currently finishing up Nursing School and will be graduating in nine and a half months!  Post-Grad I would love to go back to school part-time next fall to focus my studies on Mental Health as I want to bring further education and awareness to my community,  as there are not a lot of resources for animals nor any local clinics.  People have to drive two hours at the least for things like that.  For my Rescue horses, I would love to start a therapy program with them to help those suffering from PTSD, Depression, etc… and run an after school program for local kids! Reins for Rescues has been an amazing business to help spread this awareness and fund Triple Dream Farm.


Marina has been riding for ten years and counting, training in various disciplines - focusing primarily on Showjumping.  Meanwhile, she enjoys studying Equine Behaviours and Natural Horsemanship, while practicing Trick Training and Liberty Horsemanship with her horses. When she’s not working, chances are Marina’s spending her time at the barn or with her pets!

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