An Outlander Inspired Woolen Skirt for Everyday Adventures

When you watch Claire and Jamie of the television series Outlander ride bareback together, so deeply in love, on a Scottish horse on the Scottish heath set in the mid-eighteenth century, the wind in their faces, the breathtaking scenery flowing by with the wind, you might wonder if you could be forgiven for wanting to escape the everyday to be riding there, too, at that same time and in that same place, to ride and just keep riding. They, of course, in the series have their challenges like everyone else does, both then and in the mid 1940’s from which Claire has slipped through an irregularity in the cloth of time. Indeed, Claire has the peculiarly difficult circumstance of being caught between two lives, two historical moments and even two husbands. It is no less a love story than it is a portrayal of historical periods. It is a story derived from a painful necessity, however improbable, of journeying alone through time. Our immersion in the storyline calls only for the suspension of our disbelief and the acceptance that life can sometimes be much of what we might dream it to be, even in the face of deep challenges.  

It is, at the same time, however, the skirt of Claire that, too, captures your eye and imagination. They seem to be a perfect complement to Claire’s journeys. Indeed, the skirts of Claire in the series Outlander have captured the imagination of a European dressmaker who handcrafts them with love. Red Scarf Equestrian is proud to bring their quality, beauty and practicality to your attention.

These skirts offer a pleated Scottish kilt-like look. Their ample material serves you well as it flows beside you as you head into the wind on your own equestrian adventure. While the skirt is inspired by the series Outlander, its flowing design speaks directly to our own desire to embrace the wind and a Scottish scenery that is unmatched for the beauty of its heath and its heavy skies. The skirt’s flowing nature thus may well take you far beyond the film portrayal of Scottish and British history to encounter a freedom and a spirit of wander all of your own. It might be on your own wooded trail on horseback. Or, in the case that you are not a rider, the feeling of freedom and the pure pleasure of wearing such hand-crafted quality, with or without an equestrian connection, remains without question.

This wrap around skirt, either way, speaks of a beautiful practicality, bringing beauty, modesty and warmth together in the same garment. Yet the material is also breathable and thus can be worn in warmer temperatures as well. It also “recovers” after being worn because of this same breathability. The skirt is, importantly, ample enough so as not to restrict the rider’s movements. It flows with her riding and the whims of the wind.

There is something, wouldn’t you agree, about wool dyed with a pleasing set of colours that sets you dreaming about the wide-open spaces of Scotland, places waiting silently for you to explore? There is, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of travelling there, something about the place that speaks to the idea of freedom itself, to a freedom to dream and wander. Perhaps the wandering is paramount.

Standing still for the moment on the treeless heath, the wind appears to move aimlessly around you, enticing you to go with it. The emptiness of the land all around you is reflected in the emptiness of the sky above. The colours of land and sky seem to bleed together and become one. Quite alone, you feel as though you are the solitary point of connection between earth and sky, the two halves on either side of the horizon upon which you journey.

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