The Andalusian: Leather Loveseat
The Andalusian: Leather Loveseat

The Andalusian: Leather Loveseat

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Red Scarf Equestrian Introduces the "ANDALUSIAN" Collection of Fine Old-School Hand-Crafted Leather Furniture. Floor Models and Custom Orders are available in-store and online.

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Home is....

Home is that place where we find refuge from the stress of the day to day. The fine quality leather furniture presented by Red Scarf Equestrian, for example, offers the refreshing feeling of coolness on a hot summer’s day. But it also offers the feeling of comfort, surrounding you with luxurious support on a cool winter’s evening seated beside a crackling fire on the living room’s hearth. 


+ Handcrafted 

+ Solid construction that offers you evenly placed support. 

+ Authentic full grain, aniline-dyed European cowhide. 

+ Elegant lines of old-school craftsman design that define this furniture offering the simplicity of beauty.


+ UNSURPASSED CRAFTSMANSHIP – For over 25 years our team has handcrafted sofas, loveseats, and chairs with the finest of leathers and old-school furniture craftsmanship techniques. Every piece has been built with pride and love. Each offers exceptional comfort and durability.

+ EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT AND BACK SUPPORT – We use only the traditional hand-crafted method of furniture construction. We use the eight-way HAND-TIED coil spring suspension. A tradition in furniture craftsmanship since the very beginnings of the craft.

+ EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY - The eight-way hand-tied coil spring suspension with handcrafted layers of cotton felt and foam used to create an armrest that will endure to give you comfort.

But what does she mean for a chair to be hand-crafted

For a chair or sofa or loveseat to be hand-crafted means that each component is incorporated into the piece with a patient, experienced, skilled hand, a hand directed by the skilled eye of a master tradesman that has done this all before. The term hand-crafted here implies that everything about the selection of materials and construction of the furniture is done with intense personal interest and pride of workmanship. These are not mass-produced items. So, to give just one example, the suspension of the sofa is the eight-way HAND-TIED coil spring suspension. This is a crucial characteristic of a quality sofa, a fundamental part of the tradition in furniture craftsmanship since the very beginnings.