Red Scarves Riders: RSE's Signature Silk Scarf "Mascara" - Petite

Red Scarves Riders: RSE's Signature Silk Scarf "Mascara" - Petite

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Proceeds after Costs will be donated to the EQUUS Foundation.

RSE's Signature Silk Scarf created in partnership with Maison Malfroy and the artistry of Ellen Cameron.

Silk Square Twill, 53 GR / M2 (12 MM)

Dimension 60 cm x 60 cm

(Approximately 23.5 in x 23.5 in)

Machine Rolled Finish.


SPECIAL NOTE: Due to COVID-19 Restrictions in France, expected delivery time is 14 weeks. Please understand due to evolving situation of the situation, this is subject to change.

Excerpted from “The Artistry of Ellen Cameron: An Invitation to Explore the Secret Life of the Horse” by Doug Allen 

It does not take long while standing contemplating the works of Ellen Cameron before you are tempted to think in terms of the “inner life of the horse.” It is as though Ellen Cameron allows you to tag along with her, from the farmhouse to the barn, or to the field, with both halter and camera in tow, to capture the gentle, intuitive, generous nature of the animal she both loves and is in awe of. 

The work “Mascara,” for example, arose from an afternoon exploration riding through fields of snow and ice. The photograph captures the moment when rider and horse paused on top of a hill, alone, the wind gentle but present from the north, snow peacefully falling. 

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