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A Conversation With Canadian Olympic Dressage Competitor Christilot Hanson-Boylen

On Sunday, January 31st 2021 we welcomed Christilot Hanson-Boylen on We explored Christilot's 1964 journey to the Tokyo Olympics and spoke with her about her lifetime dedication to the sport of Dressage. Winner of the Equestrian Canada Lifetime Achievement Award, Christilot Hanson-Boylen has had an amazing career over some 50 years. Among her many achievements, she has competed for Canada in Dressage at the Olympics on 5 occasions where she achieved top 10 placement 7 times in team competition and 3 times as an individual. Christilot won gold medals in the Pan American Games on three occasions. In terms of coaching, Christilot holds the highest level of coaching certification. She also gave some solid advice to parents of children...

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Calling All Horse Girls! A Conversation with Emmie Strommen.

On Sunday January 24th we welcomed Emmie Strommen to talk about her initiative to bring together all horse girls. Emmie's initiative is to bring horse girls together whatever their equestrian experience, whether they have ridden in the past or presently or just want to in the future. Emmie believes there is a need to create a space wherein all girls who love horses can connect and celebrate horses. Emmie grew up riding horses. She went to school for an Equestrian Program before undertaking a major field of study in Creative Advertising. After College Emmie moved to NYC to become a copywriter. She has subsequently worked at small and large agencies before moving back to Los Angeles to work for Mike...

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