Technical Base Layer: Pastel Yellow/Charcoal

By Red Scarf Equestrian


These Base Layers are perfect all year round for all athletes, not just riders! Plus they have an incredibly flattering fit on every body type.

They work amazingly in a variety of climates no matter your region: through heat, humidity, and even canadian winters! They will be your constant go-to shirt. They provide optimal heat in the winter, so you can stay warm(without having to wear multiple, heavy layers)! In the summer, our shirts provide you with UV Protection, while retaining cool air in the material, to keep you refreshed while work. Our unique mesh ventilation system down the sides of both arms allows sweat to "air out", leaving you dry as you ride, while preventing bacteria and sweat from building up.


Our Base Layers are available in a range of sizes, styles and colours/patterns are constantly added every season. Check back soon for new arrivals, and for custom inquiries please contact us.


Not sure what size you are? See our size chart here!

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