Limited Edition: Fuchsia Saddlepad

By Red Scarf Equestrian


We've taken our classic close contact cut saddlepad and created some gorgeous bright and colourful colors just for the summer season! With these you have the option to add diamante trim, if you want to add a bling twist to them! Just like our other close contact saddlepads, This saddlepad is shaped specifically to suit the majority of english saddles. This saddlepad has been ergonomically designed to suit the needs of all horses, so we've included the following features:

- High Wither Clearance

- D-Ring tabs

- Swept back style


See our sizing chart here!

Our smooth yet durable cotton outer material gives a stunningly sleek finish, while the incredibly soft and cushioning underside provides your equine friend with optimal comfort, and contains sweat absorbing properties that is extremely beneficial during the summer heat. This product does not include the matching fly veil, but you can click here to find our Limited Edition SS17 Fly Veils!

**PLEASE NOTE: These colors are also limited edition and will not be returning next season. Fly Veil not included**


If you have any issues or questions in regards to this product, please do not hesitate to email us!

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