Kari Serrao - "JUSTIE" Whimsical Woodland Painting

Kari Serrao - "JUSTIE" Whimsical Woodland Painting

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The "Whimsical Woodland" creatures series, features a unique variety of encaustic paintings exploring the relationship animals have with each other and with humans. Here, animals we humans sometimes think of as an annoyance are portrayed as aristocratic beings from another time, all graced with antlers which they wear like crowns growing from within reaching upward.

The wisdom of the owl, the cunning of the fox, the strength of the bear, these are all characteristics we have placed on these creatures, or is it we who have drawn these traits from them?


"In The Whimsical Woodland of my imagination I see all these beings living together in peace with nothing but the joy and wonder of each new day......" - Kari Serrao


This painting is painted with melted beeswax, and measures 40x30 inches on a canvas.