Jessica Potenza - "REVERIE III - TRIPTYCH" Equine Art

Jessica Potenza - "REVERIE III - TRIPTYCH" Equine Art

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A beautiful piece by the artist Jessica Potenza. The minimal, intricate, and colourfully painted pieces are a lovely addition to any space. Each piece unique, yet able to embody so much of the equestrian and country lifestyle, while being able to mimic the mesmerizing power and lively energy horses give off. This is a piece that will surely be a show stopper and conversational piece in any room!


  • 30" H x 60" W
  • Multimedia on Canvas

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Jessica Potenza is self-taught Montreal born artist who has been working professionally since 2011. She has a trademark of mixing different coffees with Japanese ink, and acrylic to create her art and give it meaning.   

In 2012-2013 she was represented by EDA – Entrée Des Artistes, a Montreal based studio and gallery that works hand in hand with major art collectives and galleries in Montreal. Throughout 2014, she worked alongside well known artist Niko, whose gallery exposed her latest collections. 

In 2014, Jessica began working with Cirque Cavalia. Her work is on tour with them throughout Asia and the Americas. Jessica’s piece, ‘Holy Cheval’ was awarded a Silver Medal in an Exposition held at the Vatican in Rome. 

“I’m inspired by life, people, stories, photography and beauty I see in everything and everyone around me. I like viewing life like one would through a camera lens slowing it down frame by frame and appreciating the beauty in the contents of the stills that are created. Animals have had a major influence in my life. Working with horses has granted me the ability to communicate in a language that is not dependent on words. It’s allowed me to develop a watchfulness, understanding and appreciation for things in this world, in a way I otherwise might not have been able to. The subjects in my art, mostly animals, represent power, independence, purity and freedom. Furthermore, however, the strengths resonated by these images also represent something even more significant than the images themselves.”