Colorpop Raffia Hats - Medium Brim

By Red Scarf Equestrian


These lovely hats are quite the lookers! They are absolutely stunning with their variation of unique coloring, and you cannot find any other hats like these. All of our hats are all extremely durable, and can easily be folded which is perfect for travel! They provide the perfect amount of shade with this medium sized brim, and they make any outfit look stunning. These hats are 100% crocheted raffia imported from Madagascar. They have been vegetable dyed, and no chemical treatments have been used.


50 Shades of Blue: Gorgeous navy base hat with rays of a variety shades of blue running throughout the hat.


Colorful Sensation: This stunner has a neutral base, with an assortment of vibrant colors running through it.


Salted Caramel: This hat has a caramel colored base with an assortment of neutrals and brown tones running through it.

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