The 2020 Collingwood Art Crawl

Meet our resident artists Chantal Wolf and Keita Inoue at The Rectory during the Collingwood Art Crawl. The works of Chantal Wolf follow those of Keita Inoue.



Here follow the works that will be on display at The Rectory of Keita Inoue of Left Behind Photography. The works capture unique and often thought-provoking essences of derelict buildings, automobiles, and other objects found around rural Ontario areas in Canada: 
"At the End of the Road" Booklet (20 pages) 8 x 8 inches $40.00
"Something Wicked This Way Comes" (24 x 36 inches on Canvas) $300.00
"White Horses" (24 x 36 inches on Canvas) $300.00
"Eternal Road" (24 x 36 inches on Canvas) $300.00
"Sanctuary" (24 x 36 inches on Canvas) $300.00
"Peggy's Cove" (24 x 36 inches on Canvas) $300.00

Keita Inoue‘s viewfinder focuses on abandoned, derelict, and dilapidated places found in rural settings. His exploration leads him to discover and capture historic, once-beautiful structures with their untold stories in various states of neglect and decay.

Keita's photos have been featured in several magazines and he has had five solo exhibitions at art galleries and public libraries since 2016. When he is not at his desk coding for his web development business, he is out and about exploring the rural sideroads to capture the hidden treasures.

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