On December 6th By The Love Of Horses Welcomed Janice Kirkpatrick To Talk About Her Project to Save the Clydesdales

By The Love Of Horses welcomed Janice Kirkpatrick of Scotland whose passionate efforts to save the Scottish Clydesdale breed is the subject of  a new Documentary entitled "Clydesdale: Saving The Greatest Horse." To hear the podcast of the Show go to https://www.zoomerradio.ca/podcasts/by-the-love-of-horses/

So very cherished in Scotland, The Clydesdales were imported to Canada, in response to the desires of Scottish farmers. And because British settlers represented the majority of farmers in the Dominion of Canada, the Clydesdale came quickly to be the most important draught horse here.

But the breed is now in difficulty and we welcome Janice to discuss the situation and her efforts to help them.


Joins us as we welcome Janice to discuss her journey and the Clydesdales she loves so much.




As a rider at 60 years old, I believe that all can benefit from the secret of riding. I myself raised with a British background, take inspiration from the Queen who continues to ride at 94 years old. I believe that the same can be true for today’s youth. Riding can give them hope that they can overcome the challenges that they face and give them the confidence to become all that they can.  

I was moved by the calls I received after my interview with Libby Znaimer from women and men who told me their stories of their love of horses and riding. They told me how riding set them up to overcome their circumstances. Some came out of the Depression, some out of World War II... these riders did not let these experiences dampen their efforts to achieve a full and happy life and make a contribution to their respective communities. All mentioned that riding helped immeasurably in this. They believe that riding gave them the confidence in themselves and in their ability to do something ... to go after what they wanted their lives to be.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences of horses, whether of riding or not, in the past, or more recently, on my show on Zoomer Radio, please contact me at ByTheLoveOfHorses@redscarfequestrian.ca 

Susan Jamieson

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