By The Love of Horses ... (Good Things Happen) with Susan Jamieson on Zoomer Radio



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Susan Jamieson hosts “By the Love of Horses,” each Sunday at 10 am EST on Zoomer Radio. The essential idea of the show is to celebrate the equestrian life and to welcome all who would like to hear stories of horses, whether an individual rides themselves or simply loves horses from afar. The idea for the show originated with all of the phone calls Susan received from people who wanted to share their stories of horses from earlier days after she was interviewed by Libby Znaimer about the “Hands to Hooves” initiative for Co-vid 19 relief for horses.

Susan believes that by the love of horses ... good things happen. By the care and love of horses, good things happen because of the life lessons that are learned, including the taking of responsibility and caring for others.

 Please join Susan on Zoomer Radio Sunday’s at 10 am EST.

 Radio Station CFZM

740 AM/96.7 FM

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Listen to the Podcasts of the Show: