The Story of Ethica Diamonds and Red Scarf Equestrian

Home of Ethica Diamonds: Cornwall, England 

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The Ethica Diamonds and Red Scarf Equestrian Story

In March of 2019, one of my sisters and I went to Cornwall, England to visit with our Father.

If I had to pick a place that symbolised to me the stunning beauty of Cornwall, I think I would pick the region around the medieval Castle cliff top ruins at Tintagel, on the magnificent western coast of the peninsula.

Maybe it is the unrelenting sound of the ocean, of the wind in your face, a sound only punctuated by the cry of the gulls, that captures your imagination. It takes you back in your mind into the pages of the Legends of King Arthur, which have an important connection with this place. It is here where Richard, Earl of Cornwall built a magnificent castle in the 13thcentury, in large part because of those Arthurian legends, only for the castle to unravel with time.

Another of my favourite discoveries in Cornwall, however, lies well inland from the coast. In Truro, there was one particularly elegant house that caught my notice and from that first imagination of it, something very special has grown. It is grandly situated on Princes Street and called “Mansion House.” Maybe it was the grand staircase from the street that caught my attention. Here is how the staircase is described on the Historic England website:

“[A] broad flight of steps in front has curved wrought-iron balustrade with urn finials to newel stanchions, these return as railings to surround forecourt.”

What is just as grand, however, is what is to be found inside. You can often tell something about a product by the way its founders present themselves to the world. But the beauty of Ethica Diamonds is not only in the beauty of Mansion House, nor even in their form and sparkle. It lies, too, in the ethics of their creation.

Susan Jamieson

 Introducing Ethica Diamonds

Based in Cornwall, and run by a Mother and Daughter team, Elaine and Emily, Ethica Diamonds specialises in sustainable diamond alternative and lab-grown diamond jewellery.

In the beginning, Elaine worked alone from her small office at home, laying the foundations which involved a great deal of educating consumers about the disadvantages of diamond mining. 

Since launching over ten years ago the business has grown into a small team of talented and passionate individuals that make up the Ethica Diamond family. 

Ethica Diamonds and the Diamond Foundry

Ethica Diamonds has recently partnered with the Diamond Foundry, the world's only net zero-carbon-footprint producer of diamonds. They are certified as such. These are real diamonds, having the same "optical, chemical, thermal, and physical features" as mined diamonds, as described by Matthew Hall, Director, Gemological Institute of America. 

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