Tacking Up

Quotations from our Suppliers:


At ECOGOLD, we don’t cut corners. We buy the best materials and make every single ECOGOLD product in our own factory in Montreal, Canada to ensure its quality.


 In 1993, Nunn Finer® began making racing equipment for the American Thoroughbred racing industry. Before long, other equine disciplines recognized the superior quality of their products and, quickly thereafter, leather goods and equipment requests for other disciplines started coming in.

It was then that John Nunn, President of Nunn Finer®, began focusing his efforts outside the racing industry, eventually capturing the attention of the Eventing, Dressage, and Foxhunting communities. 


What we look at is can this product make a difference to the horse’s comfort – whether it is physical or mental. Instead of looking at what other people are doing, we go back to the problem and think, how can we solve this? 

Margaret Donnelly, founder of Equilibrium Products