Sprucewood Shortbread Cookies

By Red Scarf Equestrian


The Sprucewood Cookie Company is bringing you the ultimate gourmet snack! Baked from scratch with the finest ingredients they can get their hands on, that’s part of our mission. Pure flavors.

All cookies are made in small batches; handmade with care, and with passion. We promise only the best quality that money can buy.

None of these products contain any hydrogenated, tropical oils, nor trans fats, artificial flavorings or preservatives.

"We bake with only pure ingredients, we deliver all natural flavors with intense, real taste. Our team makes our cookie dough daily. We also bake every day to bring our pure product to our fine retailer’s shelves within a few days of baking."


Currently available in 4 delectable flavours; Lemon Zest, Regular, Chocolate, and Maple.

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