Bespoke Jewellery From Cornwall - The Process

Bespoke Jewellery from the Partnership of Ethica Diamonds of Cornwall, U.K.  and the Diamond Foundry of San Francisco, brought to you by Red Scarf Equestrian.

Every item of the Equestrian Collection starts as a sketch, hand drawn by Ethica Diamonds bespoke jewellery designer Becca Williams. Becca spends time with each customer to develop an individual piece to enjoy. She is able to cast gold in her workshop to reuse metal from inherited jewellery. She can also set stones that have been passed down to you into new pieces for you to wear and enjoy. 

From the comfort of your home, it will be our pleasure to arrange for a meeting with Ethica Diamonds, at no obligation. 

We can organise samples of pieces for you to look at in person, view the different shapes and cuts that are available in our ethical lab diamonds and browse the extensive designs that we can make for you.

Every piece of ethical jewellery is individually made to order in the UK and hand finished and set in Ethica Diamond's dedicated workshop.  

We also specialise in custom design, so if you do not find what you are looking for, we can explain this intimate diamond jewellery design service journey with you and show you previous commissions that we have made.

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