Cloche Hats, Country Life & Downton Abbey

Europeans are especially talented in pulling together a look by accessorizing. They know how to do this in a snap...I’ve watched them for many years.  One of the ways they do this is with hats, scarves, bags and belts.  They buy quality and know how to get maximum use from their investment purchases. I call this smart!

1)  5) 6) 7)  An Italian-designed, Cloche hat made of boiled wool is an effortless way to finish and polish your look. They’re practical, beautiful, comfortable and frame most face shapes.  We offer 4 styles and gorgeous colours:  Packable (1), Layered Flowered (7), Rose (5) and the lovely Lambswool (6).  Regardless of which style or colour you choose, you’ll feel like you belong on the grounds of Downton Abbey.

2)  The Essential Wristlet is definitely an essential accessory piece. Imagine not having to carry a heavy handbag everywhere... only what you need. Lipstick, cash, cards, a compact and your mobile device. We’ve packed these items in this perfectly designed bag and it works. Made in Canada using the finest leather.

3)  Cufflinks are a classic accessory and another way of finishing a polished look. Wearing a beautifully fitted French cuff shirt with a set of Equestrian inspired cufflinks will always make a statement.  Whether you wear jeans or dress trousers, don’t forget the blazer, the hat and the scarf. Casual and elegant all at once. Then go for a walk in the woods...

4)  Our Red “ Horse” Scarf sells so well because the horse design is subtle and interesting. Need I say more?  It’s light and easy to manipulate.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak pic of our all leather Weekender Tote bag and Backpack.




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