5 Tips for Showing in the Hunters (from Judi Masson):


  1. In the over fences classes, if your horse does not have a strong trot, start at a canter not a trot. Then go jump your course. This will help to highlight your horse’s strength not weakness.
  2. Always have a clean, well-groomed horse. If you are showing at a schooling show and are not a talented braider, do not braid. Messy braids look worse than no braids at all. If you are showing at a recognized show and you are not a talented braider, hire a professional to braid for you.
  3. Tuck your hair up under your helmet. A neat and tidy appearance is important to making a positive impression with the judge.
  4. Your boots are at the eye-level of the judge. Make sure somebody wipes your boots once you are mounted.
  5. Know the rules. This includes showing in the correct division and using the correct tack. Judges hate to see bridles that have running martingale stoppers left on the reins. Running martingales are not allowed. Also, use the correct saddle pad (contoured with no writing).

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