As my first blog post, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Audrey Cahais.  I recently joined Red Scarf Equestrian as the Business Development Director. Together with Joanna Wiseberg, we are very excited to be re-launching this company. I am a life-long equestrian.  I love everything about horses ... the smell, the energy, the soft noses, the way I feel when I am riding through a forest trail and speckled sunlight is shining through the cedar trees.  I can't remember a time when I didn't feel this way.  My family had our first pony when I was 1 year old.  Ever since then, I have always shared my life with a pony or horse.  My current herd consists of Konner:  an 18 year old, Irish thoroughbred X Canadian and Lilly: an opinionated 12 year old Shetland mare.  I am currently in the market for my next riding partner as Konner is close to retirement.  This will definitely be the subject of another blog post as I am looking for suggestions.

By choice, I am a non-competitive rider.  My horse, Konner, was supposed to be a fantastic athlete and I was going to pursue my riding dreams with him.  His mom was my athletic Canadian mare and his dad was a grand-prix jumper (Karsh).  Konner was born in my lap. He was a bold, athletic young horse who wanted to jump everything.  By two years of age, he would jump between paddocks because he could.  Sometimes he would jump over the fence and come to the house and look in the windows. One day, he jumped out of his field and into the neighbours' (junky) backyard.  I found him tangled in rusty wire.  After surgery, a month-long stay at Guelph Equine Hospital, and an enormous bill, I brought him home and began the long process of rehabilitation.  He improved to the point where he was sound and comfortable enough for lessons and hacking but not for showing.  It was an easy decision to keep him and just ride within his limitations.  He is a great friend and has taught me a lot. Right now, I get my horse show fix (dressage and eventing) by grooming for my friends.  I have plans to get back into showing with my next horse.

Through the years I have mostly taken lessons with dressage and eventing coaches.  Right now, I ride with Cassandra Jones at Milestone Farms in Uxbridge.  Luckily for me, this is just across the road from where I live with my horses.  I also work at Milestone Farms a couple times per week.  My favourite riding activity is definitely hacking with my friends.  We have permission from several neighbouring farms to ride on the perimeter of their crop fields and through forest trails.  Uxbridge also has a vast public trail system that we can trailer to.  There will be future blog posts about hacking.  I believe it is an excellent training exercise for horses of all ages in almost every discipline.  It is also a great stress reliever for both horse and rider.  Best of all though, hacking enriches a relationship of trust between horse and rider.

 I am also a mom of 3 boys.  Neither my husband nor sons are riders.  They do however like to visit the barn to pet the barn kitties and feed carrots to Konner and Lilly.  After taking a few years off from my high-tech career to be home with my children, I am thrilled to be returning to a career where I can combine my professional skills with my passion for the equestrian lifestyle.  Joining Red Scarf Equestrian with Joanna Wiseberg has given me this opportunity.  I hope you enjoy the products that we have selected for Red Scarf Equestrian.  We strive to provide you with beautiful, functional, and truly authentic equestrian lifestyle products.  Joanna's fashion background and exquisite good taste are always reflected in our merchandise.  Our bags and luggage are top-quality and high-luxury.  Red Scarf Equestrian products now extend to clothing, gifts, horse-show essentials and home decor.  The collections will be updated regularly so please check in often.  We are also happy to provide custom orders, custom monograms and special pricing for bulk orders.

For future posts we will have some guest bloggers, interviews with equestrian professionals, and we will visit some stables to share tips and interesting farm facts.  I will be writing from the point of view of an average, passionate equestrian.  We also support Canadian equestrians and will be sharing some of their stories as well. I am very excited to start this journey with you.  Please let me know if there is a blog topic you are interested in or a product that you just love.  We always love to see pictures of you with your RSE merchandise!



Yes… This is me and my pony Sugar when I am 9 years old.  I know there is so much wrong with this picture (no helmet, bad hands etc etc…) but it totally shows the joy of just riding and being around horses that I still feel today.


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dad Cahais

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